Nokia Lumia 530 touch screen LCD replacement – Guide

The touch screen – LCD of your Nokia Lumia 530 is damaged and don’t you know how to have it fixed? Service centers are very often too slow and expensive; but, if you have dexterity enough, you can try to repair it by yourself. It’s quite simple, and will make you save time and money.

ItalianoWhat you need is:

– A new touch screen + LCD + frame assembly for Lumia 530 (you can buy it on Ebay);
– A Torx T4 screwdriver;
– A Torx T6 screwdriver;
– A plastic tool;
– Tweezers;
– Soldering iron;
– Biadhesive;
– A little suction cup;
– A hair dryer or a heat gun
– Patience

STEP 1: Turn off the phone, then remove the back cover. If you find it hard to remove, you can help with a a plastic tool.

nokia lumia 530 3    nokia lumia 530 2

STEP 2: Remove the battery, the MicroSD card and SIM card (if any).

nokia lumia 530 4

STEP 3: Remove all the screws signed with a square using Torx T6 screwdriver. You will need a Torx T4 in order to unscrew the remaining screws.
Then lift the middle frame and remove it.

nokia lumia 530 5    nokia lumia 530 6

STEP 4: Disconnect the LCD connector from the logic board and, helping with tweezers, remove the speaker that will be placed on the new display assembly.

nokia lumia 530 18

STEP 5: Remove the logic board by lifting it slightly. Be careful not to damage the small pin in the upper part (the one shown in the photo below).

nokia lumia 530 8

STEP 6: Move all the components on the new frame and reassemble the device!

Done! Now your Lumia 530 will look like a brand-new phone!!


DISCLAIMER: Geek’s Lab will not be held responsible for any damage caused by you to your device following this guide.

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