LG L5 II touch screen replacement guide – E450 E460

The touch screen of your LG L5 II E460 / E450 has broken and don’t you know how to have it fixed? Service centers are very often too slow and expensive; but, if you have dexterity enough, you can try to repair it by yourself. It’s quite simple, and you will save time and money.Italiano

Make sure to have:

– A new touch screen / digitizer for Lg L5 II E460 (you can buy it on Ebay);
– A Phillips screwdriver
– A guitar pick and a plastic tool;
– Tweezers (optional)
– A hair dryer or a heat gun.

STEP 1: Turn off the phone and remove the back cover. Then remove battery, SIM and MicroSD cards:

LG L5 II 1    LG L5 II 2

STEP 2: With a Phillips screwdriver remove all the screws from the back of the device.

LG L5 II 3

STEP 3 : Then, gently remove the middle frame, helping with a tool.

LG L5 II 4    LG L5 II 5

STEP 4: Unplug the connectors and the antenna cable, as shown in the photo below.

LG L5 II 6

STEP 5: Remove the volume rocker keys and the power button to avoid losing them.

LG L5 II 7

STEP 6: Remove the motherboard making sure not to damage the flex cables of the volume and power button and the speaker’s one.

LG L5 II 8

STEP 7: Tear out the touch screen’s flex cable from the frame.

LG L5 II 9

STEP 8: Perfect! Now you’re ready to dislodge the touch screen. With a hair dryer or a heat gun, heat the edges of the digitizer, in order to make the biadhesive easier to tear out. Now insert a plastic tool and raise the glass, then use a business card or something similar to complete the operation. If it’s too hard to remove, heat again the area; Anyway, be patient and gentle.

LG L5 II 10    LG L5 II 11

STEP 7: Clean up the display by residues of glue (if any) and, if the digitizer is not provided with biahesive, stick on some. Insert the new touch screen, connecting its cable to the motherboard. Now you can reassemble the phone.

LG L5 II 12

Before reassembling the device, it is advisable to test the proper functioning of the digitizer.

Done! Now your L5 II will look like a brand new phone!!

DISCLAIMER: Geek’s Lab will not be held responsible for any damage caused by you to your device following this guide.

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