How to invite all friends on Facebook in one click

A weird problem of Facebook is definitely the lack of button “Invite all”. Infact, when we create events or pages, we have to manually select all of our friends, and lose a lot of time.

Facebook has chosen not to implement this function, but fortunately we can succeed using the potentialities of our browser.

Infact, thanks to an extension of Google Chrome, we can invite all our friends to join an event or like our page, in one click. This Chrome extension is called FACEBOOK INVITE ALL.

Let’s see how to do it!

1. Add the extension to Chrome, here’s the link. Click on “Add to Chrome” and confirm. In few seconds it will be added to your browser.

Facebook invite all eng


2. Go to the page or to the event you want to promote, and click on “Invite your friends” . When the window with your friend will pop up, click on the tick that you will find in the navigation bar.

invita amici


3. The invitation will be automatically sent to all your friends; during the operation the word “Checking” will appear. When the process is complete, simply select “Close”.

invita amici 1    invita amici 2

This extension is really helpful to those who often organize events or maintain pages on Facebook!

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